I am in a terrible book slump right now, so I’m rewinding a few months to the last book I really loved: Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett. I am an unabashed Jincy Willett fan (I always feel one must say her entire name, as if that is her first name). Winner of the National […]


Best Books of 2012

December 13

So far. Seriously, the year isn’t over yet – these details matter when you’re a person who keeps track of how many books you read in a calendar year – but on the off-chance you’re looking for gift ideas (or presents to yourself; no judgment!), I’ve managed to put this list together on time this year. And […]


If it’s sometimes difficult to describe the novels of Luis Alberto Urrea, it’s because they are always woven so completely with rich writing and absorbing plots that the reader can’t help but feel transported, as if on a magic carpet, or some other ambulatory textile. This was true of  Urrea’s 2005 novel, The Hummingbird’s Daughter […]